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2016 Tucson Bird Count

The spring count of the Tucson Bird Count is coming up! Any birder that can readily identify the birds of Tucson is invited to adopt a route to survey. It only takes one morning of your choice between April 15 – May 15 to conduct 5 minute counts at each of the stops along your route. Many of the routes are in urban Tucson and don’t require any hiking, you can easily drive from point to point. Other routes are in more natural areas and do require some hiking. There are even a few routes that are only hiking.

Tucson Bird Count Park Program
You can also adopt a park or wash as part of the Tucson Bird Count and survey it four times a year. These park routes are surveyed in the Spring (April 15-May 15) during the same period as the once a year counts above as well as in the Summer (July 1-31), Fall (September 1-30) and the Winter (Jan 15-Feb 15). When you survey your park 4 times a year you can really see how the different species come and go.

If you are interested in helping with the Tucson Bird Count, please see a list of available routes and parks on the Tucson Audubon website:

The main Tucson Bird Count webpage is at