Chiricahua Mountains Elegant Trogon Survey info and dataforms

Chiricahua Mountains Elegant Trogon Survey Information

Chiricahua Mountains Elegant Trogon Survey Directions and Protocol

Chiricahuas Elegant Trogon Data Form 

Chiricahuas Elegant Trogon Survey Routes and Team Assignments – Link to doc sent to participants when ready

Traditional Topo Map of South Fork in the Chiricahuas – download here

Modern Topo Map of whole Chiricahuas – download here

Finding Birds in SE Arizona Book Chiricahua Mountains Section 

  • This is good background information on the whole area

Enter your results here on this online survey

Use the online survey above to enter your survey results. The survey has multiple pages. If you select the option at the bottom of the first page that you did NOT have trogons on your route, the survey ends. If you respond that you DID have trogons it takes you to a second page where you can enter information about your first trogon sighting (a single sighting can be a pair, a lone bird or two males having an interaction etc.). At the end of that page it asks if you have more trogons to report, if you respond YES, it takes you to another page to report on your second trogon sighting. When you reach your last sighting, respond NO to the question on whether you have more trogons to report and the survey ends.

2023 Meeting Video for Huachuca Mountains and Chiricahua Mountains Survey Logistics

Interactive map of routes within Chiricahua Mountains