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New IBA Surveyors Trained in Yuma and Side Trip to the Twilight Zone!

The official center of the world! They tell you to stand on it and make a wish! ( I totally did it!)

By Jennie MacFarland, Arizona IBA Conservation Biologist           The very first training workshop for volunteer IBA surveyors in Yuma was held February 15, 2012. The recent interest from the members of the Yuma Audubon Society to become IBA surveyors was especially exciting as there are several IBAs right in their area that need surveying. Both …

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San Rafael IBA Survey a Great Success!

Northern Harrier male

By Jennie MacFarland, AZ IBA Conservation Biologist Saturday February 11th dawned cold and clear over the San Rafael Valley as a caravan of cars came over the crest and into the valley. The Arizona Important Bird Area crew of 19 surveyors arrived in the San Rafael Valley IBA just as the sky was beginning to …

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Celebrate Tumamoc!

Mike Rosenzweig at Tumamoc event

By Jennie MacFarland, Arizona Important Bird Area Conservation Biologist During the last two weekends in January 2012, an amazing event was taking place on Tumamoc Hill in Tucson. This hill is wildly popular as a challenging walk for those looking for a workout, but there is much more to this hill than many realize. The …

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A Slow Birding Day Still Beats Most Other Days!

Atascosa Highlands Christmas Bird Count  By Matt Griffiths What a great way to start a new year of birding! Jennie MacFarland and I participated in this amazing count for the first time. It covers a wide swath of the very wild Atascosa mountains, taking in many canyons and open grassland just north of the border …

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Searching for Grey Vireos in Ironwood National Monument


By Jennie MacFarland, AZ IBA Coordinating Biologist On the cold morning of December 9th, 2011, two members of the AZ IBA team headed out to search for Grey Vireos. This endeavor was part of a larger effort organized by Arizona Field Ornithologists to determine where this species winters in Arizona. It has been documented that …

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Blitzed by the Birds in Chiminea Canyon

Saguaro NP BioBlitz Report by Matt Griffiths A very birdy morning in the Rincon Valley greeted my BioBlitz team (Aleck and Vivian MacKinnon) on October 22. With some last minute manuevering we crafted for ourselves probably one of the best birding routes in either the west or east districts in Saguaro National Park. Our described …

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Arizona IBA Volunteer Appreciation Party!

By Jennie MacFarland, Arizona IBA Program Biologist On October 29th, 2011 Arizona IBA staff and volunteers gathered on Mount Lemmon to party! The Arizona Important Bird Area Program simply could not operate without its dedicated and talented volunteers! Our volunteers help with surveys, data entry and at special events such as the recent BioBlitz! Very …

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BioBlitz at Saguaro NP, Quite an Event!

by Jennie MacFarland, IBA Program Biologist On October 21-22, 2011 the much publicized BioBlitz was held at Saguaro National Park. This was the 5th annual BioBlitz in a series of 10, each held at a different National Park, leading up to the centennial celebration of the Park Service. This 24 hour species inventory of the …

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Upper Santa Cruz River IBA Recognition Ceremony a Success!

Latest IBA Adventure: By Jennie MacFarland, IBA Program Assistant – Biologist On the morning of Saturday April 16, a group of enthusiastic folks gathered in Tubac to celebrate the Upper Santa Cruz River IBA. The morning began with two bird walks which turned up many classic riparian species such as Wilson’s Warbler, Summer Tanager, Northern …

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AZ IBA Team Ventures Into the San Rafael Valley!

Latest IBA Adventure: Jennie MacFarland, IBA Program Assistant – Biologist On the cold, crisp morning of December 10, a team of intrepid Important Bird Area surveyors traveled to the San Rafael Grasslands. As dawn steadily crept over the mountains, our caravan crested the top of the hill and suddenly the entire valley was laid out …

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