IBA Program Resources

Here are the different pages with protocols, data sheets and other information on the various surveys the Arizona IBA program does with the help of dedicated and skilled volunteers.

Desert Purple Martin Female by Richard Fray

1. Desert Purple Martin Project

Please Help Us Monitor Desert Purple Martins. A Call to Action! Have you ever seen a Purple Martin in Southeast Arizona? These charismatic, large swallows are a beloved and iconic nestbox species in the eastern half of the United States …

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IBA-logo copy_clipped out

1. IBA Standard Protocol All Bird Survey Info and Forms

Regularly surveyed IBA routes are now only surveyed 4 times a year with an optional 5th survey in winter. All surveys are transects, we are no longer regularly conducting point counts. The following schedule is designed for a mid-elevation area …

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A Chestnut-collared Longspur perches on a fence at San Rafael Grasslands IBA (photo courtesy of Alan Schmierer).

1. Winter Grassland Surveys – Chestnut-collared Longspurs

Winter 2020 Survey Results Las Cienegas NCA Global IBA Map of Results – Click Here San Rafael Grasslands Global IBA Map of Results – Click Here Winter Grassland Surveyor Resources AZ IBA Winter Grassland Survey Protocol PDF Download  Audio File …

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Elegant Trogon in Corral Canyon Patagonia Mountains by Laurens Halsey May 2014

2. Elegant Trogon Surveys of Sky Islands in Southeast Arizona

2020 Elegant Trogon Volunteer Surveys – Surveyor Info There is an abundance of evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, that the ecological influence of tropical Mexico has grown over the last century in Southeastern Arizona. Mammals such as Javalina and White-nosed …

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Yellow-billed Cuckoo

2. Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey Crew Resource Page 2019

Tucson Audubon is coordinating surveys in three mountain ranges for a total of nine routes. There is a separate effort also happening this summer in SE Arizona coordinated by Nick Beauregard out of NAU with support from USFWS and other …

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4. Lucy’s Warbler Mesquite Tree Foraging Study_2020

As part of Tucson Audubon’s larger Lucy’s Warbler conservation initiative we are investigating mesquite trees in Tucson and southeast Arizona. Tucson Audubon has set out to study how Lucy’s Warblers use native and non-native types of mesquites as a food …

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Patagonia Mountains Vista by Matt Griffiths

4. Patagonia Mountains Expedition – April 26-28, 2019

It will be peak spring migration in southeastern AZ and even though it is part of an Important Bird Area, the southern Patagonia Mountains are not high on the radar as a birding destination. The general area has much to …

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s Thrasher_Bill Grossi

Bendire’s Thrasher Volunteer Surveys – Advanced Plot Search Protocol 2016-2017

2017 Information Training Video on 2017 Area Search protocol   2016 Information Bendire’s Thrashers need your help! Data shows this species is in steep decline and Arizona is a large part of their remaining range. Citizen-science volunteer point count surveys …

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Landscapes of the ReMM by Jen Mackay

Birds Beyond Borders – Partnership with ReMM and Arizona IBA

Coming Soon

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Grassland Guide Cover Image

Bringing Birds Home – Landowner Habitat Improvement Guides

The Arizona Important Bird Areas Program along with its partners, Arizona Game and Fish, Tucson Audubon, Audubon Arizona present two Habitat Management Guides. Below are links to PDFs for both the Grasslands guide and the Riparian Guide. There is a …

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eBird Global Big Day – May 4, 2019

Tucson Audubon and Arizona Important Bird Areas in partnership with Arizona Field Ornithologists are helping out with the upcoming eBird Global Big Day on May 4, 2019. We are coordinating this effort in Pima and Santa Cruz counties to help …

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Elf Owl Hunting

Elf Owl Surveys of Saguaro National Park

Elf Owl Surveys – Hiking in the Moonlight Tucson Audubon is doing night time hiking surveys for the first time ever. Saguaro National Park is coordinating with us for these surveys and a ranger or two may even be joining …

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Gilded Flicker by Richard Fray

Gilded Flicker Surveys Tucson

Gilded Flicker Protocol for Arizona IBA Program – March-April 2020 Gilded Flicker is a Continental qualifying species for IBAs for the IBA program. Our main goal is to determine if the new IBAs in the Tucson area qualify for Continetal …

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Help Monitor Wildlife Areas with eBird

Go Birding in Wildlife Areas for Conservation We need birders to help us monitor Wildlife Areas within Important Bird Areas. It will be very simple, any morning of your choice you go birding and then enter your observations into eBird …

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s Warbler_Scott Olmstead_ok to use_facing right

Lucy’s Warbler Study – nestboxes, nest searching and foraging

Tucson Audubon is launching an initiative to learn more about Lucy’s Warbler nesting needs as well as study how effective different nestbox designs can be for these charismatic warblers. The Lucy’s Warbler (Oreothlypis luciae) is North America’s smallest cavity nesting …

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Unbirded locations via eBird - screen shot of map

Map Resources

A collection of maps that are of use and interest to birders in Arizona 1) Birding the Arizona Trail – Locations to go birding while hiking the Arizona Trail with a count of bird species from eBird lists submitted from …

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trogon header

Winter Trogon Surveys – Sign up for an area to search

For the first time Tucson Audubon and the Arizona IBA program are organizing a winter survey for Elegant Trogons in SE Arizona. These charismatic birds are famously present in lush canyons of this region’s Sky Island mountain ranges during the …

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Azure Bluebird at Apache Springs by Jim Dolph

_Azure Bluebird Nest Box Program

Your one-stop location for all things Azure Bluebird. Maps of all the box locations: Google Map of the sites Sonoita Vineyard Kief-Joshua Vineyard Callaghan Vineyard Hannah’s Hill Vineyard Hops + Vines Las Cienegas NCA Apache Springs Ranch (now Boulder Crest Retreat) Harshaw …

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