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Help Monitor Wildlife Areas with eBird

Go Birding in Wildlife Areas for Conservation

We need birders to help us monitor Wildlife Areas within Important Bird Areas. It will be very simple, any morning of your choice you go birding and then enter your observations into eBird and share the list with our official eBird account ArizonaIBA – it’s that simple! This is a great chance to get out to a new area or if you have been to one of these areas you can share a past list with our eBird account. To see a list of sites where we need help please visit

Areas where we need help include:

Whitewater Draw

Wilcox Playa

Bog Hole (in San Rafael Grasslands)

Arivaca Lake

Quigley WA

Some areas that are bit further from Tucson that we also need help with include:

Wenima WA

Upper Verde WA

White Mountain Grasslands WA

Mittry Lake WA

and a string of Wildlife Areas along the Gila River: Base & Meridian WA, Arlington WA, Powers Butte WA, Robbins Butte WA.