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_Gilded Flicker Surveys Tucson

Gilded Flicker Protocol for Arizona IBA Program – April-May

Gilded Flicker by Richard Fray

Gilded Flicker by Richard Fray

Gilded Flicker is a Continental qualifying species for IBAs for the IBA program. Our main goal is to determine if the new IBAs in the Tucson area qualify for Continental status for this species – that is accomplished by documenting 30 pairs or 90 individuals. Last spring a few volunteers did Gilded Flicker call-back surveys in the Tucson Mountains and did document enough pairs to qualify the new Tucson Mountains IBA as Continental for Gilded Flicker. Now Arizona IBA is hoping to do the same for the Tucson Sky Islands IBA (more info here: which includes Saguaro National Park East (Rincon Mountain District) and the Santa Catalinas and Rincon Mountains. The best habitat for this species for the IBA is in the Saguaro National Park portion so our surveys will focus on these areas.

Gilded Flicker pair by Richard Fray

Gilded Flicker pair by Richard Fray

To participate in this survey you need to contact Jennie at with your vehicle make/model and license plate number/state. Then Jennie will submit this info to the permit office and they will issue a parking pass with your custom info which serves as your permit.

You need to also choose a trail for your study, use the map at the bottom of this page to see what is available. If you have an area you would like to survey that is not on this map please let Jennie know, I am sure we can work something out. The protocol and data form are below as well as two audio files of Gilded Flicker calls referred to in the protocol.

Guide on identifying Gilded Flickers from Cornell here 

Download Protocol Document Here

Download Data Form here

Online data entry can be done using this link to a digital form. You can also email a scan of your data form if that is easier

Gilded Flicker Mew Calls from AZFO – referred to in the protocol – download MP3 here

Gilded Flicker wikikiki Calls from AZFO – referred to in the protocol – download MP3 here

Map of Routes Available to Survey

As people tell me they want a specific trail I will add the word “claimed” next to it in the list of sites. One the map below the icon on the top left brings in the map key with the names etc. of the trails. The icon on the top right makes the map “Full Page” and easier to see. If you want to do a route in Saguaro National Park – TMD on the west side of town let me know and I will send you a link to a different map.