Elegant Trogon Surveys of Sky Islands in Southeast Arizona

2018 Elegant Trogon Volunteer Surveys

Elegant Trogon male by Julio Mulero

Elegant Trogon male by Julio Mulero

There is an abundance of evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, that the ecological influence of tropical Mexico has grown over the last century in Southeastern Arizona. Mammals such as Javalina and White-nosed Coati have both extended their range out the tropics into southern Arizona as part of this larger ecological system expansion. The expansion continues even today with the birding community noting the recent increase in prevalence of Gray Hawks and rarities in general including the recent first ever US nesting record of Tufted Flycatcher this past spring. Elegant Trogons are also part of this story with their United States range expanding over the last century which can be tracked with mainly anecdotal evidence and isolated incidents of collecting.  To further our understanding of how many Elegant Trogons there are in the US organized surveys have been ongoing in the Chiricahuas and Huachucas led by Rick Taylor for many years and beginning in 2013 Jennie MacFarland and Tucson Audubon assisted Rick and helped expand the surveys to three more ranges. The new areas we surveyed the last three years are the Atascosa Highlands, Santa Rita Mountains and Patagonia Mountains.

To sign up for an Elegant Trogon volunteer survey use the links below:

Elegant Trogon pair by Budgora

Elegant Trogon pair by Budgora


Surveyor Resources

Here is a link to a pdf called “Call info for Elegant Trogons” – this is from Rick Taylor’s book and is a really nice description of the different types of sounds etc. that trogons make and why. Definitely worth reading.

Call info for Elegant Trogons_R. Taylor book scan

Audio Files of different calls made by Elegant Trogons as described in the pdf above. To save these mp3 audio files just right click on the link and select “Save Link As” and you can then save it as a mp3

Koink Call_AZFO_ELTR_2_deviche_071501

Kow Call_Xeno-Canto_Elegant Trogon Madera Canyon 2

W-kkkk Call_ Elegant Trogon Alarm Call_XC158395-9991075

Identification, tips on how to find an Elegant Trogon and other information about these birds from Cornell can be found here